MC9S08QB8 ADC current consumption temperature sensor

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Hello everybody,


I have got some questions about the ADC module and it´s current consumption of the MC9S08QB8. Table8 on page14 of the datasheet (rev3, 3/2009) says, that the "Run suppy current - FEI mode, all modules on" at 1MHz and 3V is typically about 0.8mA. I will not be able to run the MCU in any LowPower-Modes, because there a continuous calculations to do.

My questions now:


1) does "all modules on" include the ADC with it´s current consumption?

2) if not, do I have to add the ADC specific supply currents (page22) to the 0.8mA?

3) does every of the 8 ADC channel take current or are those characteristics for the whole ADC module?

4) does the TemperatureSensor take additional current or does it behave like a 'normal' channel?


Thanks in advance. Regards.