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problem with imx53 boot by emmc

Question asked by rainustc on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by rainustc


     When I use the MFGTools successfully write boot and kernal into the external emmc device, but imx53 can not boot from this device, it still jump to the usb terminal. I just check out the following things, but still don't know what's wrong.

     1. Make sure the right gpio configure for emmc 4.41

     2. Write the boot and kernal to sd( different configure for sd), and it can be booted in QSB ESDHC1 or ESDHC3, so the boot and kernal is right.

     3. When boot from emmc on my board, I found after the 357.143 clock appeared, it stop the boot process, and jump to the serial boot process. In this process, only several times I saw the 20MHz high frequency appearing, but still jump to serial boot process.


     What's wrong with emmc boot can be deduced with this problem?  I really don't know. With the MFGTools, I think the boot and kernal have been written successfully into the emmc device, because of the MFGTools can find the right volume(16G) with the emmc device.