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MPC8306 OTG Linux support

Question asked by qwerty on Jan 23, 2013
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We are trying to enable USB OTG support on an MPC8306  with a SMSC 3300 USB PHY attached - the same as the Dev Kit.


I have built various Linux OTG device driver modules. At first, when I tried to insmod them, they failed because a prerequisite was not present. At this point USB host-mode did work. I noticed that the USB driver was failing during initialization to allocate memory region for the IMMR USB registers.


As this isn't normally done, I took it out and allowed the driver to complete initialization. USB OTG Device Gadget drivers will now install. However, at this point, the USB driver stopped responding to plugging in devices (so that it acts like a host) too -- no Gadget drivers are installed.


My questions are:

1) Is USB, especially full OTG device mode, supported in the Linux MPC8306 drivers?

2) Any suggestions on where this driver is likely going wrong?

3) Are there any other similar processors MPC83xx which have OTG host and device mode drivers working?