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Trouble placing variables at specific locations in memory

Question asked by Robert Wey on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by Robert Wey

Using CW 10.2,  I've figured out how to create and locate a "section" in order to place variables,  as such ...



#pragma force_active on

#pragma define_section version ".version" far_abs R

#pragma section version begin


__declspec( version ) const U16 fwMajor = SOFTWARE_VERSION_MAJOR;

__declspec( version )  const U16 fwMinor = SOFTWARE_VERSION_MINOR;

__declspec( version )  const U16 fwBuild = SOFTWARE_VERSION_BUILD;

__declspec( version )  const U16 fwRevision = SOFTWARE_VERSION_REVISION;


#pragma section version end



When I inspect the MAP file, the constants are placed where expected ( as defined in my LCF file ).   The order of the constants, however, is not the same order as they appear in their declaration.


Question:  Is there another pragma or attribute that can be used to keep the order of variables within a section the same as their declaration order ?