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No BDM-connection

Question asked by thommes on Jan 22, 2013
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I'm using the Mc9s12d64 on a selfdesigned board. My Problem is, that i can't communicatewith the chip.

The NoICE-DEbugger reports the error:

"BDM validation failed: MODE=0xFF BDMSTAT: =xFF

This may indicate incorrect MOD setting (MODA and MODB must be grounded), that the pod cannot reset the target, or an incorrect bus speed setting"


I testet the Mod's anb both A and B are grounded.

When i start the communication the Reset-line goes low for 19,5ms then back to 5V, same with the BKGD-line! THe bus speed is set correct (16MHZ crystal => 8MHz Busspeed What can be the issue fpr this problem. The crystal also works fine (tested with oscillioscpoe). Can the microcontroller be broken? That would be the first time, this happened....

Please, please help me, because i have no more ideas where i can look for solutions.

Thanks and regards,