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How do Processor Expert Interrupts Function?

Question asked by VIVEK SHARMA on Jan 20, 2013
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Well....this must be so obvious to most of you here but NOT to me!!


"How do Processor Expert Interrupts Function?"

Actually I am curious because Processor Expert seems to generate some interrupts which might not be directly supported by the peripheral.

Suppose I am using UART0 on Kinetis KL25 (Freedom board), I've the option of having an interrupt on Block receive or Block Sent (AS1_OnBlockReceived and/or AS1_OnBlockSent..... I know that we have liberty to change these function names).


From Vectors.c, it is obvious that PE is using AS1_Interrupt (vector number 0x1C) but where is the "magic" which which file?

If am trying to send a random string named "RANDOM_STRING", my understanding is that PE must be using AS1_Interrupt to send each of the character in the string and would be generating AS1_OnBlockSent when it is finished sending all the charcters.


Thanks in advance for your time!!