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GPIO input capture for both edge

Question asked by Vincent Chou on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Vincent Chou

Dear support,


We tried your hands on project on our TWR-MK60N512 and came across some strange phenomenon.  Apparently we could capture both edges of SW2 on GPIO2 configuration which links to PTE26 on PORTE.  However, if we tried to modify the code to let SW1 on GPIO1 which links to PTA19 on PORTA and capture both edges, somehow it cannot respond to the pressed button.  When we release the SW1 on the board, then GPIO1_OnPortEvent will be executed twice.  Is there a bug in the setting of GPIO1 which we neglect in the first place?  We even tried to create a GPIO init code to pull up PTA19 but it just keeps generating interrupt.  If you can help us to clarify he issue, that would be wonderful!