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_mem_extend usage

Question asked by Ardoster on Jan 18, 2013
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Due to memory problems, we have designed a new hardware with an external sram memory. So I'm trying now to move RAM usage from the internal memory to external memory. For now, I've configured the flexbus peripheral to access this memory through the address 0x9000 0000 and i've checked I can write and read from this memory.


Now, I'm trying to add the external memory to the default memory pool. I'm using the function _mem_extend().


_mem_extend((pointer)0x90000000, 0x20000)


But I continue having the same memory problems. Debugging a bit, I've checked the _mem_extend stops in the file mem_exti.c at


   if (mem_pool_ptr->VALID != MEMPOOL_VALID) {
   }/* Endif */


What's the problem? Any idea? I've no found relevant information about the _mem_extend usage.

Thanks for your help