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Parsing Error Can't open "MK60D10.mem" file

Question asked by Girish Choudankar on Jan 18, 2013
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I am using TWR K60D100M tower system with CW10.2 (Special Edition) and MQX3.8.1. I am using OSBDM for debugging purpose. The driver seems to installed correctly with current update. It get detected as COM3 on serial port. I have settings for Built Configurations as Int Flash Debug. Then I continue with Build Project (I tired Build All also) and which runs smoothly without any error. Under the Debug Configuration I have following settings:


Name: hello_twrk60d100m_Int_Flash_Debug_PEOSJTAG

Build Configuration: Int Flash Debug

Use Work Space settings checked

Application: intflash_d.afx


When I hit Debug, I get following error:


Failed to resume target process., There was an error parsing the memory configuration file:

Can't open "MK60D10.mem" file



I am not sure why this error is coming or am I missing any settings? If this is not right forum then could anyone direct me to right place.