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MC1322x USB DONGLE Erasing the Flash

Question asked by Frédéric TOMAS on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by Alan Led Collins Rivera

Hello everyone,
I have bought two MC13224 USB DONGLE evaluation board for create a network for motion sensors.

As you can see i this data sheet, they explain for erasing the flash i must put two Jumper on pad J3 and J4.

The 1322x USB Dongle has two jumper sites designated as J3 and J4 (see Figure 3-8) located on the

non-component (back) side of the PCB (see Figure 3-5). Use these jumper sites to erase the FLASH.

1. Short Jumper J3 Pin 1 to Pin 2.

2. Short Jumper J4 Pin 1 to Pin 2.


But i still don't understand between what and what i must link the jumper, it is written that it's between the pin 1 and 2 of J3's pad and same for J4 but where is the pins 1 and 2 ?
Sans titre.JPG

Other datasheet said that i must use the VREFH and VREFL pads too.
Someone can show me where i must weld my jumper for erasing the flash ?
Thanks you very much, by the way if you have other idea for erasing the flash of this device ..
Frederic TOMAS