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ethernet problem on custom board with MQX 3.8.1

Question asked by khoanguyen on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by Maclain Lobdell
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My project includes creating a custom board with ethernet and ADC functionality, with MQX 3.8.1, CW 10.2, and the k60 tower development.



So far the custom board has been successful with all but the ethernet transceiver. We've chosen the same ethernet transceiver on the K60 dev kit, but we're now at a standstill on what could be going wrong since we followed the schematics and double checked them.



The custom board is able to have code flashed onto and run successfully on MQX demos, except for any ethernet required demos. When an ethernet cord is plugged into the custom board and a computer, neither of the lights are on so there is no connection, but I'm assuming this is a hardware problem.



I was wondering if this could be a hardware problem or software problem? Do the BSP/PSP config files have to be reformatted to the custom board, even though it works with the MQX ADC demo using the kinetis bsp/psp files?






Khoa Nguyen