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USB device not supported on imx6Q sabresd

Question asked by Omar Pighi on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Omar Pighi

I have an error connecting a USB camera to the sabdreSD board.

it says "usb 1-1: device v093a p2628 is not supported"

093A is de vendor 2628 is the productid.

well I checked where this error string is printed. It is inside a otg_whitelist.h is_targeted function, called from usb_enumerate_... in hub.c

(both files are in /driver/usb/core)

1) the camera is connected to the sadresd board using a microUSB adapter (the adapter is working because if i try to connect for example a usb pen it works fine), so i'm not using any hub.

2) the function is_targeted search inside a static(constant)  structure called whitelist_table. But this table has a finte number of element.... so i think something else is wrong, I don't think i need to add to this table every single gadget i think to connect to my system....should be something dinamic, if i add the driver to my kernel or load as a module the system should be aware of the new device supported....

Sorry if i'm a little bit confusing..