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K20, Processor Expert and CW 10.3

Question asked by lander on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by lander

I'm having trouble with Processor Expert on my K20 tower.  I created my own project by using the .exe files in the KINETIS_72MHz_SRC file that allows you to recreate the Hello_World demo for the tower then tried to create a Processor Expert for that project but an error box pops up with no dialog, just a red X and an 'OK' button.  I also attempted to just start from scratch and create a new project and adding the Processor Expert component but when the project is done being created, I cannot click on the '', nothing happens when I do click.


I'm wondering, maybe I'm missing some software or a step.  I'm relatively new at this IDE and microcontrollers so I hope someone can help me out.


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