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Using USBDM to burn K60 on a tower board

Question asked by Alex Harford on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by pgo

As part of design validation, I would like to test burning the K60 MCU on a tower board without the built in JM60. I'm using the board purchased from ebay, recommended by pgo:

USBDM Emulator BDM Kinetis ARM Support K60 HCS12 HC08 DSP Coldfire | eBay


I'm running CentOS Linux so I've done some tweaking to get it to build.


I've built a cable that I am reasonably sure is working. I'm connecting from the port labelled JTAG (I believe this is the 'DSC' Connector for USBDM). I can provide the pinouts for the two connectors if people are interested. I believe I've successfully read the IDCODE using the TCL interface:


% openbdm

% settarget JTAG

% jtag-idcode

Number of devices => 1

initialiseJTAGChain(): Total length of JTAG IRs => 4 bits

initialiseJTAGChain(): JTAG IR chain => '0001 '

Device # 1: JTAG IDCODE = 4BA00477


But now I'm wondering which utility to use to actually burn an image. The ARM_FlashProgrammer isn't able to detect the chip, so I'm left wondering if that's the right one to be using. Is there a proper way to do this via the command line?



PS. Has anyone tried using the USBDM with OpenOCD? I've successfully burned the K60 using the onboard JM60 with OpenOCD, but the two USB interfaces seem to be quite different between USBDM and OSBDM/JTAG.