USBDM - Version 4.10.4 (RS08/HCS08/HCS12/CFV1/Kinetis BDM)

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Dear All,


USBDM has been updated to V4.10.4


Please post any queries on this version in a separate thread - I really can't cope with this newfangled setup!


Documentation available at: SourceForge

Applications available at: SourceForge

Source code is available at: GitHub eventually.




  • Please note that these design are different from the Freescale OSBDM-JM60 design which was proceeding independently while I was doing the above designs.




V4.10.4 (January 2013) -

   - Added support for Codewarrior 10.3 Release (This version does not work with the BETA)

   - Added customisable security options to programmers

   - Improved HCS08/HCS12 programming speeds (15~30%)

   - Added Codesourcery and USBDM API examples to installation

   - Updated/added Codesourcery instructions to help files

   - Numerous bug fixes to GDB Server

   - Improvements to handling secured devices

   - Added Examples to installation

   - Added OpenSDA firmware (This allows use of FRDM-KL25 board as general purpose Kinetis BDM)


V4.10.3 (November 2012) -

   - Updated device driver installation (V1.0.1) (removed unnecessary driver).

   - ELF Files now supported for MC56F80xx devices.

   - Changed to shared DLLs build for wxWidgets.

   - Bug fixes:

     - DSC Access to ONCE registers when target running

     - Fixed BDM doing reset when setting target even if already powered.

       This was interfering with doing a 'gentle' connection to a running target.

     - ARM interface now reports access errors on failing memory access rather than following access.

     - Corrected corruption in large reads for ARM GDI Interface.