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CW 6.3 SE 64K C Code Limit

Question asked by Peter Magoun on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by Peter Magoun

I downloaded my copy of CW V6.3 SE some time ago when the C code limit was 32K.  If I understand correctly, the C code limit for this product is now 64K.  Do I have to take any action to ensure that my copy will now support the larger limit?  i.e. do I have to download a completely new version, a new patch, a license file, etc.?

I am presently working on a project for an S08 target, and the code may in fact exceed 32K so I would like to take steps now to ensure I don't end up against the earlier limit.


Tnx for the help.




PS. I originally posted this question in the CW Legacy area but received no replies.  Maybe the Licensing area is more appropriate?