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can U-Boot affect USB detection in Linux?

Question asked by alwyn.motium on Jan 9, 2013
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We have a custom designed iMX53 board.  It is identical to the imx53 QSB rev.B except we use DDR2 memory.


Because of this, we obviously have had to make our own version of U-Boot.

We have built our own linux system using LTIB which boots etc.  (Networking, lvds etc, are all working fine)


Everything appears to be working correctly except that linux is not detecting any USB devices on our custom board.


If i use the same linux image and run it on the QSB with the default U-Boot image, USB devices are detected.


the only difference software wise between the QSB and our custom board is the U-Boot image.


Is it possible to stop linux detecting USB devices by setting the wrong flags in U-Boot?