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Availability of OpenSDA standard or Example programs

Question asked by pgo on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by HM Yoong

Dear All,


Does anyone know if there has then been any progress is releasing information about coding for the OpenSDA available in the 'Freedom' evaluation boards?


In particular any of the following would be useful:

  • OpenSDA standard - A specification of the file format for the .SDA files used and how the information is loaded into the OpenSDA device.  Note - this is about the K20 device loaded with the OpenSDA not using the bootloader for the connected target.
  • Example projects.


I have been unable to find either of the above but it is possible I'm looking in the wrong places .


Previous posting about this have indicated that the above would be soon available but it has been quite a while and AFAIK they are not available yet.

Looking at the P&E site only has OpenSDA applications.

The material on the ARM website only applies to CMSIS debugger interface and does not appear to cover actual OpenSDA loader.


Any information would be appreciated.