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12 bit mode ADC performance

Question asked by lechlachowicz on Jan 8, 2013
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I have been comparing the KL15 to the MSP430F5437 analog input


Freescalue document Table 20 - 16 bit ADC specifications K15 data sheet KL15P80M48SF0.pdf

TI document - 12 bit ADC Linearity Parameters data sheet MSP430F5436.pdf


Here are my questions:


1.     For the KL15 what is the LSB equal to (1/4906) or (1/65536) when the “conditions” for item INL and DNL is “12 bit
        mode”? (I assume when the conditions are = 12 bit mode then the LSB = 1/4096).


2.      The KL15 INL max./min. values are -2.7 to +1.9 LSB and the DNL is -1.1 to +1.9 LSB for “12
          bit mode” with VREFH = VCC and VREFL = GND.  I can only assume that the
          Min./Max. values are at room temperature, not over the temperature range.
          What are the INL and DNL values for VREFH less than VCC.


3.     The MSP430 INL is +/-1.7 LSB and the DNL +/-1 LSB for a [Veref+] – [Vref-/Veref-]min between 1.6V
          and VACC.  The values are specified over the full temperature operating


4.     What is the KL15 worst case offset error?  It is not specified but a TUE is specified for the part.