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USB MSD example using NAND flash controller

Question asked by Jacob Vecht on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by philipnye

We are looking for any example of a USB device using the Mass Storage Device (MSD) class that uses the NAND Flash controller (NFC) to access a large flash memory, for example to make a USB flash drive. There are plenty of examples that implement the memory as RAM or using part of the on-chip flash. The tower TWR-K60F120M board seems to have all the necessary hardware, including a 2Gb NAND flash. Our problem is how to implement an MSD with a flash memory device whose block size is so big that we cannot allocate RAM to match that block size. We cannot add external RAM since the flexbus and the NFC share pins and are thus mutually exclusive. Do any examples exit, or has anyone manged to make a good-sized USB flash drive using a Kinetis Mcu? On the other hand, is anyone convinced that the lack of RAM makes this impossible? Any help would be appreciated.