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What the difference in .afx file and .elf file? w.r.t to TAD tool

Question asked by Swapnil Katre on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by Martin Kojtal

hi, i am using Code warrior v10.2. and when i built the project . a output.afx file is created which is downloaded in the target. as per the documents, i feel it is like exe file.


Now when i use TAD Tool. in the menu MQX tools-> Attach to target->ELF file.


now what is this ELF files. as in all the webinar where the train is use MQX 3.7 and code warrior lower tham the 10.2 version download the ELF file.


Please help me understand what it this? and how can i generate it, locate it? for TAD analysis/Debugging?



Swapnil K.