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eTSEC IEEE 1588 Layer 2 support

Question asked by Giulio Mazzoleni on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by lunminliang

Dear Freescale community,


I am switching to Freescale after having used other processors for quite a long time (Zilog, Xilinx, ...), so please excuse if my understanding of the subject is still vague.


I am asking here since I was not able to find any answer by googling, by searching in this very forum nor by looking at the Processor Reference Manual (that I am still finding a bit difficult to read, to be honest)


I would like to know if the eTSEC in the P1025 (and probably other families, too) can do hardware timestamping of PTP over Ethernet (layer 2) frames (and not just over IP/UDP frames).


From this code it seems the case, but I would really like a confirmation

gianfar_1588.c - ptpv2d - IEEE 802.1AS / IEEE 1588 version 2 Precision Timing Protocol supporting sotware timestampin…


I still need to understand how to configure the eTSEC to recognize a particular type of message (if possible - it may also be the case it is timestamping a predefined set of messages both ingoing and outgoing)


Many thanks for any help you could provide, and best regards.

Giulio Mazzoleni