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Debugging with Hiwave and PEmicro BDM

Question asked by Mark Shughart on Jun 28, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2007 by Bob Smith
I was wondering what the limits are to using the Codewarrior compiler with the PEmicro BDM connected to the chip I'm trying to debug. I'm trying to debug a chip that fails much more often than other chips in the same environment. When the chip fails it give an error over the BDM that the hardware may have reset. Is there a way to get the last 10-20 register values/ changes in memory dumped to a file or just displayed? I would like to do this to compare the values at the different stages right before failure to what happens in a normal chip during those stages. Also being able to see individual pins would be nice, but nowhere in the manuals has this been mentioned as possible. I don't think that stepping through the assembly codes is going to work because the failure seems to be based on environmental changes, but I have to test this more.