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Running android on i.MX6 sabreauto reference board

Question asked by Bruce Bye on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by Lily Zhang
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Has anybody tried/succeeded running Android on the Sabreauto ref board?  I'm trying to cobble together a suitable u-boot binary, but so far with no joy.  I was hoping to just put in the bare minimum config, starting with mx6q_sabreauto.h copied to mx6q_sabreauto_android.h and adding in the android bits based on android config for other boards.


I've managed to build a u-boot binary this way by doing without such features as fastboot and android recovery, but so far have not produced a binary that will bring up my board.  With a bit of luck, somebody out there has already trodden this path!


(I'm doing this on a quad board so far, but will want to do the same for the Sabreauto solo afterwards - hopefully the second flavour will be a smaller step further.)