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Linux i.mx53 serial driver problem

Question asked by Mark Roy on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by nishad kamdar

Hello folks,


I am working on porting the freescale  Linux 11.09 BSP to a new board.   Right now i have pretty much cloned the mx53_loco configuration with a few changes.  I have re-done the iomuxing to suit my board,  and removed most references to the da905x PMIC since my board uses the MC34708 exclusively.     One other change that I had to make was to switch the boot console output from ttymxc0 to ttymxc1 since my board uses UART2 for the console interface. 


I am using the latest u-boot-imx from the git repository with it's own modifications and I can boot the board and get to a login screen on the console.    However, it seems that as soon as the early boot console hands off to the serial driver,  things start to get weird.    There seems to be a slight delay when I type or when the console output is sent, and it seems that after a while the whole serial driver seems to crash and ends up just spitting out all of the data that had ever been sent since the driver was initialized in an infinite loop. 


The odd thing is that I have compiled my kernel to also include the mx53_loco configuration, and when I run the same kernel binary on the mx53_loco, it works without problems.    This leads me to believe it must be a problem with my hardware or something I am doing in my configuration. 


Also, I was wondering what the difference between the mxc serial driver and the imx serial driver is?   I currently can only seem to get the mxc driver to work, as this is the one used by the mx53_loco board and I cant seem to find an example of a board that uses the imx driver.


Any advice is appreciated.