Pinak Paralkar

problem sending data on s08 can

Discussion created by Pinak Paralkar on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by mauricio fernandez montoya

I am using s08dz48 controller.

I have configured CAN module to transmit data.

Below are the settings

OSC CLK=4M, No PLL used

clk to CAN from OSC.

CAN configured at 250KBPS


CAN module is working and I am able to send required data bytes(0 to 7) on bus.

The problem is that I am receiving garbage data OR 0x00 on bus.


This is because the the transmit data registers does not cantain the desired value.

This can be seen in debug window, whenever data is assigned to CANtxdata register, it does not get loaded to cantxdata register.


Is there any problem with clock.


Thanks in advance.