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imx53 custom linux, recording HD video

Question asked by Janis Coders on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by jimmychan
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Hi. We have created our own board based on SMD and LOCO and added camera ov5640.

I am using kernel patches-imx-2.6.35_11.09.0 from github. Filesystem is Ubuntu armhf.

Camera driver is loaded with all dependencies and I can record videos with tools like avconv, ffmpeg. But everything hangs when using mencoder of gstreamer, and in kernel log I can see calling this all the time:

     In MVC:mxc_v4l_ioctl

     In MVC: mxc_v4l_do_ioctl c0485619



What I really want is to get better video cam resolution and it doesn really get  better changing ffmpeg parameters. As I've seen others on IMX community use gstreamer, but I can't get it working with parameter "mfw_v4lsrc".

Should I install Freescale provided .deb packages to get this working? But they all are armel, but I have armhf system.

I've tried to change capture mode in driver and it changes to 1280x720, but what is the v2f value, which still stays low?
          KERNEL LOG:  End of mxc_v4l_open: v2f pix widthxheight 288 x 352

Because it looks like ffmpeg is using this resolution.