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One of the 1231x-MRB doesn't work...

Question asked by susanaezquerra on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Mr. Diego De La Cruz

I have just try my new TWR-12311Kit-EU. One of the 1231x-MRB connects right using the MC12311 Radio Utility FCC Compliance, but the other one doesn't want to connect. I have tried to change the TWR-RF board, but the error is still with the same 1231x-MRB. The faulty board makes all the leds on the TWR-RF board to go on, not so with the board that I can connect without problems.

I don't see any hardware problem on the faulty board, at first sight, so I think that the problem could be on the software side. Maybe reprogramming this board with the correct software will correct this problem. In this case, where I can find this software and what are the correct steps to recover the original configuration of the board?

Thank you all...