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core cache measurement

Question asked by Simbu on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by Simbu

Hello Everyone,


I'm working on replacement of run time function call (which is working fine) and have few questions regarding the e500mc core cache measurement as follows :


Are there any tool available to measure the application (user level) L1 (D and I)/l2 cache miss rate?


- I have tried with oprofile, but not helping much for my application because trying to track the program which modifies its own program code (Kinda of self modifying). The code which is getting modified during run time is not owned by the main process, which is loaded during run time into the process program memory.

- Planning to try 'perf' tool very soon though (not sure how much this is gonna help for my case).

- Not sure, how much CW Development studio will help here, because not able to compile the user space application against the tool chain provided as

part of CW suite.


Is there any provision available to read the I/D cache content ??