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SPI2 fopen hangs on TWRPXN20 BSP

Question asked by Rashmin Desai on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by Rashmin Desai

i had TWRPXN20 tower system. for evaluation purpose, i tried to access spi2 with fopen("spi2",NULL) as given in spi memory example.For "spi0:" and "spi1:" fopen() call return success but for "spi2:" and "spi3:" function just hand and never come out  from call.


After long debugging with BSP and PSP code, i found that execution hang at line (202 of spi_pol_dspi.c)  dspi_ptr->MCR &= (~ DSPI_MCR_MDIS_MASK);

of TWRPXN20 BSP code.


I had enable all SPI module in BSP and also recompiled BSP and PSP.