Frank Van Hooft

Replaced Freedom KL25 - now OpenSDA doesn't work

Discussion created by Frank Van Hooft on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by Brion Finlay

I've replaced the KL25Z128 on the Freedom board with a replacement KL25Z128 (after I killed the original one). Now when I try to connect to the board in CodeWarrior I get this message:


Error 17926. Target MCU mismatch. OpenSDA hardware only supports debugging the resident target processor.


Now what? It would appear from this error message that OpenSDA is locked to the "PKL25" processor on the Freedom boards, and placing an "MKL25" processor upsets it. Is this correct?  (And why is it called "OpenSDA" anyway - shouldn't it actually be called "ProprietarySDA" or "ClosedSourceSDA"? But I digress.)


Any pointers on fixing this would be appreciated. Thanks.