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Tower K60F-120 Processor Expert MSD demo. USB fails to enumerate

Question asked by Jacob Vecht on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by Dekiru

We have a new TWR-K60F120M board and also a TWR-K60N512. We are trying to run the USB stack (4.0.3) examples for a mass storage device using the processor expert implementation without MQX. This works for the K60N512 but not for the K60F120M. With the K60F, the USB device fails to enumerate on a Windows 7 PC. Our USB hardware seems OK since the USB + MSD demo using MQX works OK on both boards but note that the MQX (V3.8.1 or V4) demo makes a RAM based memory device while the PE demos make a flash based memory device.

We did not modify the software or hardware at all, so we wonder whether anyone has managed get the USB stack 4.0.3 PE+MDS+K60F120  demo working, and whether anyone has any idea what might be wrong. Our K60F120 chip is batch ON96B


We also tried to use the PE examples that come with MCU 10.3 that do not use neither the USB stack nor MQX, but there is no MSD example for the K60F. When we tried porting the K60N example to K60F, we discovered that those examples enable the AXBS cross-bar and we did not manage to re-program the AXBS for the K60F without getting a debug-halt.


Does anyone know what the problem might be?