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Playing Video imx6q Scene/Overview ?

Question asked by Cagri Cicekdemir on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by Jack Mao
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Hi all,


I am new at imx6q sabre lite board. We have a project about video streaming. But I have never use video units on microcontrollers. So, i dont have any idea about this.


In a project , we'll take video from mmc card or somewhere else, and play it on a analog display.

Between board and analog display, There is a video encoder which encodes video data shuc as ITU-R BT 656 and ITU-R BT 601


Before video streaming, i want to draw a rectangle or something else to see how it is working.

But this interface, i can't imagine the scene.


So i need your help, How can i do ? How is it like ?


(1) video >> VPU >> GPU >> IPU >> Encoder >> Display

(2) video >> IPU >> Encoder >> Display

(3) or diffirent ???


Also is there any lib or something else to use...