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iMX25-SD Card Boot

Question asked by Arumugam Ramasamy on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2013 by jimmychan
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I have a kit of iMX25-PDK with a CPU, personality Board and a Debug board. I have also taken the reference gerber files from Freescale web and produced the 5 more CPU boards of iMX25 - 3 Stack Configuration. I have loaded the Uboot, uImage and Root file system in SD card (4GB) using a linux ubuntu 9.04 machine and placed the card in the personality board. Original CPU is placed over the personality board and after changing the Dip settings for SD Card booting, it is working.


When I change the CPU board alone with my newly produced CPU board, it is not booting. I don't know what are the steps to be followed when I go for a fresh CPU.


I am not able to conclude whether the newly built hardware CPU is working or not.


If I try with ATK Tool for downloading with Flash type set as SD/MMC, it throws an error message as "Connection Error. Please reset the board and make sure the board in bootstrap mode"


Kindly help if anyone implemented the same way we are working.



Arumugam R