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DA9053 locked up and i.MX53 is not booting up.

Question asked by Maris Kalbergs on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by Jorge Ramirez

I am using patches-imx-2.6.35_11.09.01 kernel

During software system Reboot CPU hanged up. After reasserting power system was not able to boot up.


I have found patches: Linux kernel development

where is stated that there is possibility to lock down DA9053 with random write into registers. Now we have faced that PMIC is booting up with wrong output voltages VLDO8 (+3,27V instead of +1,8V), VLDO9 (+1,508V instead of +1,3V) and VBUCKPERI (+2,887V instead of +2,5V).


may be some you have experienced similar issue and knows how to read PMIC OTP preprogrammed values or how to make hardware reset.


We have tried to assert nSHUTDOWN pin and this doesn’t help.