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Kinetis K10 RTC problem

Question asked by Tomas Jakubik on Dec 28, 2012
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I have my custom board with MK10DN512Z. I use CW 10.2 on Ubuntu Linux and Kwikstik's J-Link to debug.

On XTAL32 and EXTAL32 pins is 32.768kHz,6pF crystal. I Enabled RTC oscilator in Processor Expert with the same frequency and 12pF Capacitor load. Now MCU goes into unhandled interrupt immediately after reset.

Debug is stuck here:



  /* This code can be changed using the CPU component property "Build Options / Unhandled int code" */



with Cpu_Interrupt = 0x00001DF4. I think interrupt vector table ends at 0x000001DC, right? When main crystal didn't work, processor waited in an infinite loop, so I think this problem is not electrical.

What that could mean? I'm newbie with Freescale nad Processor Expert, so I might be missing something simple. Has anyone any idea, how to fix it and run RTC oscillator?