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How to create .elf file

Question asked by Champaka NS on Dec 28, 2012
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     I have worked on mpc5200 and mpc5125 processors ( code warrior v2.8 and code warrior v9.2). I am not able to generate .elf file in the output folder of the project in both the IDEs. With the default target, after compiling and linking .elf file is being generated. But if i create a new target (ROM_Version), .elf file is not getting generated. Am i missing out something in the settings panel ??

Some of the older projects which were developed in CW v2.8 generates .elf file in output folder if other target (for rom version) is selected. [These projects were developed long back and there is no one to guide me on this ].This is not happening if i create a new project. What am i missing ?? I need this file to download to nor flash.