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Compiling Kernel Module in ICS

Question asked by venkatramangurruswamy on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by MaxTsai
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Hi All,

I am currently trying to compile kernel module for a local echo driver in ICS. I got success while trying the same in GB but doing so in ICS the echo driver is not get compiled to KO object


I got below errors while compiling

make circular .so - .so dependency dropped in android

#build/core/ *** Some files have been added to ALL_PREBUILT.

#build/core/ *

#build/core/ * ALL_PREBUILT is a deprecated mechanism that

#build/core/ * should not be used for new files.

#build/core/ * As an alternative, use PRODUCT_COPY_FILES in

#build/core/ * the appropriate product definition.

#build/core/ * build/target/product/ is the product

#build/core/ * definition used in all products.

#build/core/ *

#build/core/ * unexpected circular-char.ko in ALL_PREBUILT

#build/core/ *

#build/core/ *** ALL_PREBUILT contains unexpected files.  Stop.

I know that the problem is in of the echo driver source, So please guide me on making make file in ICS

Looking forward for your guidlines....