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Ubuntu installation on Sabre board

Question asked by David Shoham on Dec 26, 2012
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I have recently received a 'SABRE' board with a dual core imx6 processor. The SD card comes with a default Android image which I am trying to replace with an Ubuntu one. I followed the instructions in 'i.MX_6Dual6Quad_SABRE-SD_Linux_User_Guide.pdf' - specifically chapter 8 'Using a Linux Host to Set Up an SD/MMC Card'. I used 'dd' to copy uboot and the kernel image to the SD card as described, and then created a single partition (instead of the 7 existing ones) starting at offset 16384. I then mounted and copied the ubuntu ( 12_09_01_oneiric) image to this partition.

After connecting to the usb debug port of the SABRE board with cutecom I can see that the boot process stops with  the following message:

"Waiting for root device /dev/...". What am I doing wrong?