Help needed with RS08

Discussion created by Guest on Dec 23, 2012

I've suscessfully used a RS08KA4 in the past, however, that was when I was running Windows XP, CW 6.0, and with the inDart plug-in to allow direct connection to the demo08 board.  Now that I have moved to Windows 7, those tools are not available (won't install).  I've loaded CW 10.0 though 10.3 (10.3 is awful btw, full of bugs... I can give details later).  Anyway, Now I have the same micro software moved over to Windows 7 and CW 10.2.  I've added the BDM port to the demo board and removed the USB jumpers. I also have a cyclone Pro Rev B connecting the PC and the demo board.

When I use the full chip simulation, the software runs perfectly; which was to be expected as this software has been running for about a year now.  However, when I flash the device, CW reports back that everything flashed ok, but the chip is brain dead.  The BDM pin (Pin 2) is being forced low somehow; and this happens reqardless of the SOPT register setting (I've tried both enabling and disabling the BDM function).  All of Port B pins are high, and PTA0 -1 are forced low.  I've tried mulitple chips, and even have created my own interface board to see if that would help.  Every time CW reports back no errors and there are no error leds lit on the cyclone pro.  I've downloaded the latest programming routines from P&E to no avail as well.

Furthermore, when I try to enter debug mode (via usb to cyclone pro), I get an error along the lines of "Downloading 3rd party software....".  When I use CW 10.3, I don't even get that far, just errors out and closes the window and no error log.


I really would like to use the latest sofware and I would not want to go back to XP and CW 6.0.  I know nI can't be the only one trying to use the RS08 with the latest software.  Is is possible that the Cyclone Pro Rev B is the problem?  I did take a firmware update when I connected the first time to CW 10.2, so I assume the firmware is up to date.


Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give as much background / description as possible.  I hope someone can help, I've wasted two days and have ran out of options.