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HC08 C Flash read write routines NOT using inbuilt routines

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Jun 28, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2007 by Carl Norman
hi all, another thread on this topic:
I have read a few hundred post's on the "Complete C flash routines" , but still no actual complete C code to read, write and erase flash from C that requires 'work' (but some good info to get going in the right direction)

Is anyone willing to share their code C code to read/write/erase flash without using inbuilt routines, or, a majority of asm code?

Im very suprised at the amount of questions on this topic, yet freescale / codewarrior have not publised C code to read/write to flash without using inbuilt routines or significant asm code...

Thanks for sharing : )