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7in Display for QSB

Question asked by mathias on Dec 21, 2012
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I'm in an pinch right now. I started to work on a project to develop the GUI for an electrical car based on the QSB running Adeneo's android BSP, but I can't get the display I was supposed to be using for this to work. The display is Hitachi's 7.1inch TX18D37VM0APA. I tried virtually every suggestion in this Community to get LVDS to work, made new entries in ldb.c, mx35_loco.c, changed pll4's clockrate, tried all possible combinations of boot arguments, but I still get no image. So I'm starting to think that the problem might be the display itself, or that it is not compatible with ldb, although I can't check that.

So I wanted to ask: does anyone know an 7in display that is definitely known to work with the QSB? Or has anyone had some experience with any of Hitachi's products and ldb and may know what I'm still missing? Any hint would be very appreciated.


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