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How do I put new Rootfs in LTIB (Using imx53 START-R QSB)

Question asked by Rodney Fulk on Dec 20, 2012
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After following the directions in the document:

Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit host i.MX53 START_R LTIB 11.09.01

I am able to successfully build an image for my Start-R board and have test run the minimal FS that comes with this.

Now I am trying to figure out how to replace the rootfs that is normally included in this package with 12.04.

I want to replace the actual FS that is in the ltib directory so I can properly compile it there.

What I have tried so far is to write the linaro 12.04 for the older non-start-r board to an SDCARD and then copy this back off into a directory I am calling rootfs_new.

I then renamed the old rootfs to rootfs_old, renamed my new one to rootfs and tried to rebuild my ltib and it failed on various permissions errors. I am guessing I need to change some permissions but when I looked they seem to be the same between the two file systems.

I realize I could just write the new kernel to the SDCARD but I want my build environment to be the same as the environment I will be using. I am sure I am missing something simple but I am not figuring this out.

Also, could I use ANY ARM 12.04 image? I recently bought a saber lite imx6 board and I want to end up with both boards running the same operating system for a project I am working on.

Thank you for the help