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iMX.6 VPU H.264 encoding: Does it support "Adaptive Quantization Strength" parameter?

Question asked by salado on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by Jack Mao
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Under Android, we need to encode the camera input to H.264 for a video call application. For example 300Kbps for 320x240, 15fps.

Right now, we have the software encoding solution with libx264 and it works well. In the requirement, the video could sacrifice some

sharpness to game more "smooth" motion.


With libx264, it could be achieved with "Adaptive Quantization Strength" or "aq-strength" parameter. But with VPU, there is no such

parameter supported by libvpu. The deblock, deblock Alpha and deblock Beta can't get the same result as we saw with libx264.

The block artifacts are too obvious while subject moves in the video input.



1. Does iMX.6 VPU support "Adaptive Quantization Strength"/"aq-strength" parameter?

2. If not, for video call application, what is the preferred Encoding parameter set for low bandwidth motion video encoding?


Thanks in advance!