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TWR-SER RS232 not working???

Question asked by onesandzeros on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by onesandzeros

Problem: Hyperterminal is not seeing any data sent from the TWR-PXS20. I am connected to the RS232 port on the TWR-SER board.


Setup: All jumpers are in default position except J5 on the PXS20 because I'm using power from the tower connector. Using a straight through DB9 cable from the TWR-SER connector to the com 1 on my machine. It's a confirmed working cable.


Software: I have confirmed TTL data is coming out on pin 115 LINFlex_1_Tx at 9600bps no parity 1 stop bit. I can see the data using a network analyzer connected to pin A44 on the tower. Meaning the software is working. Hyperterminal is setup to receive this baud rate.


Hardware: I've traced the pin115 from the TWR-PXS20 to the TWR_SER ICL3225E chip. The INVALID pin on this chip is high, meaning valid because its logic low. Right? I've also connected the A44 on the tower to a TTL-RS232 converter and hypterminal is seeing the correct data using the same cable. The RS232 cable is plugged in so the ICL3225E should not be in power off mode.


So why do I not see any data in Hyperterminal while using the RS232 port, what am I missing?


Thanks for your help.