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I Cannot Build A UBIFS Root File System in SDK 1.2/P1010

Question asked by Augustus Chen on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by mattsm



I would like to use ubifs as the rootfs. The CPU is P1010, SDK is 1.2 yocto. According to the documentations in SDK, I modified


(1) the "IMAGE_FSTYPES" in <sdk_path>/meta-fsl-ppc-private/images/,

(2) and then "bitbake fsl-image-core" to build a rootfs image.


There is not any error message during listed process. So I think I should find an image in <sdk_path>/build_p1010rdb_release/tmp/deploy/images be named fsl-image-core-p1010rdb-yyyymmddhhmmss-rootfs.ubifs, but I cannot. However, I DO find a ubinize.cfg in this folder.


Is there anyone knows how should I do to make a rootfs in ubifs?