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Parallel video to CSI at 60 frames per second, IPU tasks

Question asked by Darin Weffenstette on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Justin Jiang
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I am trying to get a 60 fps SVGA parallel video signal in IPU1 CSI0.  The hardware is getting the signals fine, but currently my driver is architected to wait for the SMFC EOF interrupt, then do some things to initiate the IDMAC transfer.  For reference, I am in Windows Embedded Compact 7, using the i.MX53 WEC7 camera driver as a base for my driver.


I would like to use the IPU tasks so that the CPU and driver are not part of that acquisition chain.  The reference manual mentions IPU tasks as a way of doing that, but there is no detail on how to configure these tasks.  Has anyone used an IPU task to automate the CSI->SMFC->IDMAC process?  If so, any help on how to configure and use such IPU tasks would be greatly appreciated.