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How to run SABRE i.MX6Q on Android emulator

Question asked by Kengo Onoyama on Dec 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by Karina Valencia Aguilar
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I was trying to run SABRE i.MX6Q BSP and Android framework on Android emulator.

(SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based on the i.MX 6 Series Product Summary Page)

It has succeeded to compile all of the source codes, BSP and Android framework.

Then I've copied zImage as kernel.img, ramdisk.img, userdata.img and system.img.

And launched it by the following command on Ubuntu linux.


$ emulator -kernel $ANDROID_IMG/kernel.img -ramdisk $ANDROID_IMG/ramdisk.img -sysdir $ANDROID_IMG -data $ANDROID_IMG/userdata.img -show-kernel -debug-init -verbose


Emulator window appeared but it was blacked out forever.


Is it possible to launch SABRE i.MX6Q BSP and their Android framework on Android emulator?

If possible, is there tips for it? Or is there an alternative way to do emulation?


Thank you,

Kengo Onoyama