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Need help using NanoSSL in MQX

Discussion created by Angelo Quattrociocchi on Dec 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by Jay Lash

I am trying to integrate Mocana NanoSSL into a MCF52259 project to connect to an HTTPS server but I'm not making any progress.


I purchased the NanoSSL/SSH license and installed it in Codewarrior 10.0 (with MQX 3.6.2) and I have been reviewing the 'NanoSSL Client for Freescale MQX RTOS User's Guide, rev. 1'. In it there are references to code, such as 'src/common/mocana.h' etc. I don't see these files on the system; where can I get these?

I also tried following the Quick Start Guide for NanoSSH/NanoSSL and this didn't help either. I then looked in the 'NanoSSL Secure HTTP webpage to Serial_Lab1_JPW_Final.pdf' and it shows this step 7 “Unzip Freescale NanoSSL/NanoSSH client project to desired directory.” Again, I can't find any of the referenced files. The same lab document later refers to <Mocana Install Dir>\MSS\... I've searched through the entire drive and haven't found anything like this. The only files I've found related to Mocana are in the ProcessorExpert folder in CW, but it only contains PRG files.


I don't use Processor Expert, and the project I'm looking to install SSL in is not using PE. I'm hoping NanoSSL can be added to non-PE projects, but I'm finding the documentation very poor in instructing on how to use it.


I did find containing some example code by Andrey Butok, which seems to do what I'm looking for, as well as 'NanoSSH - NanoSSL' which has some more demo code, but these both reference headers such as “moptions.h”, “mocana.h”, etc. and as I noted these files don't appear anywhere on my system.


Can anyone please help me see what I'm missing in porting this module?


Thank you