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i.MX28 NAND Implementation

Question asked by markwilliams on Dec 14, 2012
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Hi all,


I am struggling to get my NAND device to show up in Windows CE 6.0 with the i.MX28 development board. I am booting from SD card and using the NAND as storage only.


I have built a debug image to see where the NAND is getting stuck but I am not too sure why it is failing. The debug output around the loading of the driver is shown below.


In the test below I have given the NAND driver DSK an index of 2 in the registry (I thought it was failing due to conflicting with the USB driver mass storage settings that use DSK1 but this made no difference). I have also suppressed a debug message that prints out BLOCK_STATUS_RESERVED for all blocks during the flash scan:


DEVICE!RegReadActivationValues RegQueryValueEx(Drivers\BuiltIn\FlashPDD\BusPrefix) returned 2

Kernel DLL 'flashmdd.dll' needs thread creation/deletion notification

reset GPMI module

NAND FullCode = 0x1590d198

NAND FullCode = 0x0


NAND_ECCConfLayout, pagesize=2048,sisize=64

INFO: Set NAND flash blocks [0x0 ~ 0x9bf] as reserved.

[NOTIFY] Initializing.

DB:OpenDB fail: DB DB_notify_queue not found

[NOTIFY] Initialization completed successfully

BBT_ReadOperation : dwStartBlock = 0x4, SectorAddr = 0x101

BBT_ReadOperation : dwStartBlock = 0x5, SectorAddr = 0x141

[NOTIFY] ProcessDatabase::started at local time 01/01/2006 16:53:36

ERROR: C:\WINCE600\PLATFORM\COMMON\SRC\SOC\MX28_FSL_V2_PDK1_9\MEDIA\NAND\CORE\.\cspnand.c line 505: FMD_Deinit: FMD Driver is unloading (c0f54860)

DEVICE!LaunchDevice: Init() failed for device 0xd002ca60

DEVICE!I_ActivateDeviceEx: couldn't activate: prefix DSK, index 2, dll flashmdd.dll, context 0xd02be67c


So for some reason the flash chip is detected, finds my driver settings, marks blocks as reserved, scans (printing out marked blocks and BBT info) but then is unloaded.


Does anyone know what I could have done wrong? Please note that I am not booting from NAND, just using it as storage. I want to get to the point where I can see the NAND in WCE explorer.


Thanks in advance, Mark